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The adventure of the overqualified and underemployed

A Humorous Journey

Once upon a time, in the land of Gainful Employment, there lived a seasoned IT professional named Job Seeker. With a resume as long as a Russian novel, Job Seeker set out on the noble quest to find a full-time role. Little did he know, the journey would be fraught with unexpected obstacles, perplexing rejections, and the ever-elusive "perfect fit."

Armed with an arsenal of technical skills, certifications, and a portfolio that could make any hiring manager swoon, Job Seeker embarked on his journey. The initial optimism was high. After all, who wouldn’t want an employee who could debug code in his sleep, lead a team to victory, and charm clients with tales of mainframes past?

The first village he visited was called "Perfect Fit Enterprises." Surely, they would recognize his talents and snap him up immediately. Alas, it was not to be. Despite nailing every technical question and dazzling the interviewers with his breadth of knowledge, he was deemed “overqualified.” Apparently, being capable of more than the job required was a flaw, a dangerous and destabilizing element that might throw the delicate balance of their mediocre team into chaos.

Undeterred, Job Seeker pressed on to the hamlet of "Potential Overachievers Anonymous." Here, he toned down his resume, omitting the details about his pioneering work in cloud computing and the time he single-handedly saved a data center from a fire using only a cup of water and sheer willpower. Alas, the villagers were suspicious. Why would someone with his credentials want this job? Surely, he was a spy or worse, someone who would leave the moment a better opportunity arose. Job Seeker was once again sent on his way.

Months passed, and Job Seeker found himself in the eerie town of "Experience Irrelevant." The citizens here were young, vibrant, and fresh out of college. Their eyes glowed with the optimism of having never encountered a Y2K bug or a dial-up modem. “Cultural fit” was the battle cry here, and despite Job Seeker’s attempts to blend in by casually mentioning TikTok trends and the latest memes, it was clear he was from another era. The town elders decided he was just too seasoned for their tastes, preferring someone who had never touched a floppy disk.

Desperation began to set in. Job Seeker’s once-proud armor of experience began to feel like a heavy burden. He tried applying to roles he could do with his eyes closed, hoping for a break. But no, it seemed the land of Gainful Employment had a strict policy against those who might actually know what they’re doing.

In a final, ironic twist, Job Seeker received a message from the kingdom of "Dream Jobs." They had reviewed his application and were very impressed. However, they regretfully informed him that he was so qualified that they simply couldn’t afford to pay him what he was worth. If he ever decided to take a significant pay cut and work for free, they would love to have him.

And so, Job Seeker wandered the land, his faith in Gainful Employment shaken but not entirely broken. Perhaps one day, the land would recognize that experience isn’t a threat but a treasure. Until then, he continues his quest, hoping that somewhere out there, a perfect fit exists—a place where overqualified isn’t a dirty word but a badge of honor.